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Complex Logistics Simplified

Global Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) navigate a tangled maze of regulations, sponsor demands, and logistical challenges. Our client, a significant force in the CRO domain, was tethered to an outdated logistics system. The challenge? Seamlessly integrate assembly, shipping, and global tracking of biological specimen collection kits amidst this complexity.

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Bespoke Solutions, Tangible Results

Qryptek stepped in, bringing our deep-rooted healthcare understanding and tech proficiency to the table. We introduced a dynamic, tailor-made SaaS system, aligning perfectly with the unique demands of CRO operations. From intelligent forecasting to multilingual capabilities, we crafted a suite of solutions that resonated with the CRO's core needs.

Partnering with Qryptek, the CRO:

Witnessed a 66% surge in productivity. 

Achieved a 15% reduction in waste with strategic inventory management. 

Streamlined client communication, minimizing manual 


Gained actionable insights with dynamic dashboards, boosting operational efficiency. 

Reimagining Clinical Logistics 

Clinical research logistics presents unique challenges, often intertwined with layers of complexity. Qryptek, rooted in Chicago and deeply embedded in the healthcare ecosystem, simplifies this intricate web. Our solutions not just answer present challenges but anticipate future ones, paving the way for smooth, streamlined operations.