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Digital Transformation in Cancer Research Laboratory Operations

A reference laboratory, specializing in cancer research support across the globe. Their main clientele consists of pharmaceutical giants aiming for breakthroughs in cancer treatments. Their expertise lies in integrated pathology services for drug development and immuno-oncology testing.


Bound by manual systems and outdated processes, the laboratory grappled with operational inefficiencies, data blind spots, and redundancies. Their mission? To propel cancer research with accuracy and speed. But with spreadsheets loaded with countless records, the path forward seemed obstructed. 

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An Intelligent Specimen Tracking System

Understanding the lab's intricate needs, Qryptek designed and deployed a smart specimen lifecycle tracking system, streamlining their operations and enhancing profitability.

Automation & Streamlining: Eliminated redundancies and entry errors by auto-generating data forms upon detecting anomalies, freeing lab technicians to focus on core tasks.

Timely Monitoring: An embedded task monitoring tool ensured clinical studies response timelines were met, automating alerts for swift actions.

Data Visualization: User-friendly dashboards for staff and executives illuminated crucial metrics, enhancing transparency and driving a 70% boost in accountability.

Seamless Integration: Synchronized data flow with existing Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), marking a 20% efficiency hike.

Client Empowerment: Offering clients real-time specimen data not only fortified trust but also unveiled opportunities for improvements in their operations. Result? A significant 40% spike in first-encounter accuracy.

Strategic Oversight: Real-time analytics on performance, capacity, and growth projections became pivotal tools for executive decision-making.

Beyond a Solution, A Revenue Model: Our strategic collaboration enabled the lab to monetize real-time data access, crafting a fresh revenue stream and promoting sustained profitability.

With this digital overhaul, the laboratory experienced:

Unwavering trust and transparency with clients.

A competitive edge like never before.

Surge in operational efficiency and optimized resources.

Expanded revenue opportunities through strategic collaboration.

From a single project, our journey with the client morphed into an exclusive IT partnership. Qryptek now handles their entire IT spectrum: from software development, strategic consulting, IT infrastructure, data backup services, to cloud integrations. Our steadfast commitment and trust have solidified this all-encompassing partnership.